The Future of Batteries is Here

The Problem

Not enough energy

Your phone runs out of power just after lunch. Your laptop dies in the middle of your presentation. Your electric car runs out of juice in the Middle of Nowhere.

Life is tough.


Your $600 phone from last year only lasts half as long as it used to.

Life is tough.

Too many explosions

Your brand-new Boeing 787 catches on fire.

Life is tough.

Our Solution

Our battery does not suffer from the problems that plague current battery technology. It can store much more energy, power your abused electronics for years on end, and will not explode. Ever.

The Team


Richard Wang, PhD. CEO and Co-Founder

Prof. Mauro Pasta, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor

Michael Bartholomeusz, PhD. Strategic Advisor

Ilan Gur, PhD. Technology and Startup Advisor

Dane Boysen, PhD. Commercialization Advisor

Greg Less, PhD. Manufacturing Advisor


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Cyclotron Road

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Molecular Foundry

TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy

Competitions and Programs

Forbes 30 Under 30, Richard Wang (2017 Energy Category)

Cyclotron Road, 2016 Cohort Member

2016 Cleantech University Prize National Competition, Finalist

2016 FLoW Cleantech University Prize, Finalist

2016 Berkeley Cleantech University Prize, 2nd Place

2015 North Bay Innovation Summit, Cleantech Winner

Stanford Ignite, 2015 Program Participant


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