Powering the future of mobility

Why Cuberg

Cuberg builds high-performance energy storage solutions for the world’s most demanding mobility battery applications.

Next-generation battery systems

SOLUTIONS Cuberg builds powerful, lightweight and safe batteries for high-performance electric mobility.

Designed in California. Made in North America.

Groundbreaking lithium metal technology

Built to Scale Cuberg technology uses a lithium metal anode and proprietary liquid electrolyte to simultaneously solve the interlocking challenges of battery performance and manufacturability. 


Company launched.


Headcount increases 8X since being acquired by Northvolt in 2021.

Flight range

Cuberg aviation solutions can double electric flight range compared to a typical lithium-ion solution.

A Northvolt company

technology Cuberg was founded in 2015 in order to commercialize its next-generation lithium metal cell technology and was acquired by Northvolt in 2021 to bring this innovation to scale. We combine the agility and ambition of a start up with the stability and scale of a multinational enterprise.

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Why Cuberg


Cuberg next-generation cells, modules, and battery systems are designed to be broadly compatible with mature value chains for lithium-ion manufacturing. 

Why does this matter? Because the world doesn’t have time to wait for novel battery chemistries to build a supply chain that doesn't exist. We need to electrify everything, now.


Cuberg builds vertically integrated battery systems that optimize the unique capabilities of next-generation lithium-metal anode cells.

Why do we do this? Because lithium-ion batteries are too heavy and low-performing to transform high-performance mobility. It’s time for a new approach.