Lithium-metal battery cells

We're driving the next wave of electric mobility with industry-leading battery technology. Cuberg's unique chemistry has achieved specific energy of 395 Wh/kg, a figure that was externally validated by U.S. testing house Element.

Our approach

Lithium metal

Lithium metal anode technology enables high performance at low mass – a perfect fit for high-performance electric mobility. Lithium is the lightest metal in the world.

Liquid electrolyte

Cuberg’s proprietary electrolyte enables product safety, performance, and cyclability while maintaining compatibility with lithium-ion manufacturing processes.

Ready to scale

Cuberg manufacturing relies on mature supply chains, well-understood processes, and available equipment designs.

Built to scale

Cuberg has designed our technology to be compatible with well-established manufacturing methods and supply chains. As the battery industry grows to previously unimaginable size and efficiency, Cuberg technology will take advantage of constantly improving lithium-ion cell manufacturing processes and falling costs.

Major OEMs and startups worldwide are working to accelerate the shift to advanced electric mobility. Some companies are retrofitting existing inventory, others are developing hybrid vehicles, and still others are developing all-electric solutions in novel form factors. What all these players have in common is the need for safe and high-performance battery solutions, delivered reliably and at scale.