Accelerating electromobility breakthroughs

To support the development of all-electric aircraft, cars, trucks, and other applications, the battery industry needs a new framework for technology innovation. At Cuberg we combine a multidisciplinary systems approach with a pragmatic focus on highly manufacturable solutions.

Thinking differently

We take a holistic systems approach to battery R&D that incorporates not only chemistry but also data science insights, breakthrough engineering capabilities, commercial product integration, and more. We use AI and machine learning to accelerate the innovation cycle and deliver results rapidly. Informed by a singular focus on customer needs, our work cuts through the hype and delivers real value and impact.

Designed for scale

In an industry where promised breakthroughs often fail to deliver, Cuberg’s focus is to be a trusted development partner for our customers. Cuberg batteries are designed around meeting the key challenge of emerging battery technologies: manufacturing at scale. Guided by a culture of pragmatism, we develop and commercialize practical solutions that can scale to meet the growing needs of the electric mobility industry.

Our approach

  • Lithium metal

    Lithium is the lightest metal in the universe. Our unique cell architecture offers extremely high energy density while reducing the total cost of ownership for battery users.

  • Liquid electrolyte

    Our breakthrough electrolyte combines the process-friendly nature of conventional electrolytes with the stability and performance of solid state.

  • Lithium-ion compatibility

    By leveraging commercial lithium-ion materials, processes, and designs, we simplify manufacturing and minimize capital investments.

Open innovation ecosystem

Building the best battery in the world means innovating across the entire battery ecosystem. In 2021, Silicon Valley-based Cuberg was acquired by Northvolt, a global supplier of high-quality battery cells and systems.

Cuberg serves as Northvolt's Advanced Technology Center, where we are furthering lithium-ion battery innovation by partnering with leading companies to integrate best-in-class technology into Northvolt's battery products.

Our vision, shared with external partners, is to enable all-electric mobility, from automotive to aviation and beyond. We will do it at a lower price point, with better performance, and with an emphasis on safety.