Cuberg to exhibit for the first time at the Dubai Air Show

October 18, 2023 | Announcements

Cuberg’s Head of Business Development, Anne Torricelli, will lead a cross-departmental team of experts at the company’s Dubai exhibit.

San Leandro, California, USA – Cuberg will exhibit at the Dubai Air Show, November 13th - 17th, 2023 in Booth 1485E in the USA Pavilion. Experts from Cuberg’s Business Development, Strategy, and Operations departments will answer questions from attendees and delegations about the company’s aviation-specific battery systems program.

Anne Torricelli, Cuberg’s Head of Business Development, comments: “High-performance batteries extend the range and support the business case for all-electric and hybrid aircraft. We look forward to publicly exhibiting our innovative aviation module, designed around lithium-metal battery cells, for the first time at the USA Partnership Pavilion at Dubai.”

Cuberg battery systems are built on the configurable Cuberg module, which has been internally validated to achieve a specific energy of 280 Wh/kg and an energy density of 320 Wh/L. Cuberg modules are purpose-built to manage the mechanical, thermal, and electrical integration of next-generation battery cells.

The Cuberg module incorporates Cuberg’s 20 Ampere-hour lithium metal cell technology with a specific energy of 405 Wh/kg. This technology uses a lithium metal anode and proprietary liquid electrolyte to simultaneously solve the interlocking challenges of high-performance cell design and manufacturability.

“Our certifiable battery system offering has the high specific energy, light weight, and other performance metrics that electric aircraft need to safely deliver passengers and cargo,” Torricelli continues. “Cuberg is growing quickly to meet customer demand and is currently delivering programs for electric aviation and high-performance vehicles.”

Cuberg, part of the Northvolt group, builds high-performance energy solutions for the world’s most demanding battery applications. Cuberg was founded in 2015 in order to commercialize its next-generation lithium metal cell technology and was acquired by Northvolt in 2021 in order to bring this innovation to scale. Cuberg is located in San Leandro, California, United States.

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