Allplane: The state of batteries, with Richard Wang, CEO of Cuberg

Richard Wang speaks about Northvolt's acquisition of Cuberg and the future of battery technologies and electric aviation on the Allplane Podcast.

This article orignally appeared in Allplane.

The Allplane Podcast #45 – Californian battery startup Cuberg made headlines in March 2021 when it was announced that it has been acquired by Northvolt, the large battery manufacturer from Sweden.

What did Northvolt see in Cuberg?

Mainly the Li-Metal battery technology that Cuberg is developing, that is expected to deliver a 70% performance improvement over the current generation of Li-Ion batteries. This makes of the batteries that Cuberg is currently developing particularly interesting for the nascent electric aviation industry.

Today on the podcast we are going to talk about all this, as well as about the current state of battery technologies for air mobility, with Richard Wang, the founder and CEO of Cuberg.

Together with Richard, we are going to review the current state and prospects of the battery industry for air mobility purposes. He is also going to share some details about the Lithium-Metal technology they are developing at Cuberg and their plans to move into industrial-scale production in order to power the new generation of eVTOLs that is expected to (silently) buzz the skies of our cities in the near future.

Tune in for an overview of the state-of-the-art battery technology and its applications in the aviation industry!

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